Cameron Wright

Athlete Profile

Name: Cameron Wright

Nickname: Cam

Date of Birth: 24/03/2000

Current Team: Planet PCS-Racing

Height (cm): 179cm
Weight (kg): 69kg
Residence: Chapel Hill, Australia


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Why do you ride: I ride because I enjoy the freedom of shredding trails with my mates and training hard to achieve what I have set out to.
What/who started you racing: Dad got me riding bikes and entered me into my first race in u/7s. Since then I’ve loved the thrill of racing and being competitive.

Weakness: Endurance/Marathon racing
Most important people in your life and career: Dad, my coach Donna Dall and the rest of my family.
Racing since: 2009
Best part of racing: Having a clear trail in front of you and the feeling you get when crossing the finish line in first. Hardest part: Pushing through the pain when it is in the most important part of the race.
Worst moment in career: Pulling my back out at the Oceania Championships, just a week before the National Championships in March 2017.

Best moment in career: Winning my first Junior World Championship as a first year and in my home country. General career goals: Win back to back World Titles in Junior, and move on to do the same in U/23 and Elite. And continue to win races in between in Australia (National Championships, Series etc.)

Favourite food: Spaghetti Bolognaise
Favourite music: Almost any, but more EDM.
Best idea of having good time: Riding bikes with mates, and building trails.
Favourite place to travel to: Can’t say I have one… Haven’t been to many places in my lifetime...

Most respected mountain bike riders: Burry Stander, Nino Schurter, Julien Absalon, Jaroslav Kulhavy.
Other most respected athletes: Usain Bolt

Favourite riding spots and courses: Cairns (AUS), Rotorua (NZL) and Cascades in Pietermaritzburg (RSA) Advice to beginners: Enjoy what you’re doing!
Other sports: Road Cycling, Track Cycling
Other interests: Running, Trail building
If I was not a professional mountain biker... I would probably be building houses/architect

Objectives for 2018: Win all races I enter… but most importantly repeat my results from last year. (Perfect year bar 1 race)

Career Highlights

Winning State, National and World Championships in the same year as a First year Junior.

Race Results

Year 2018

  • Junior XC World Championships - 6th
  • World Championships Team Relay - 12th
  • Kitz Alp Bike Festival XCO - 3rd
  • Australian National Championships - Junior XC - 1st
  • Oceania Championships - Junior XC - 1st
  • Australian MTB Series #6 - 1st
  • Australian MTB Series #5 - 1st
  • Australian MTB Series #4 - 1st
  • Australian MTB Series #3 - 1st
  • Australian MTB Series #2 - 1st
  • Australian MTB Series #1 - 1st

Year 2017

  • Junior XC World Championships - 1st
  • Australian National Championships - Junior XC - 1st