Dean Lucas

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Name: Dean Lucas

Nick Name: Deano

Date of Birth: May 2, 1995
2015 Team: Intense Factory Racing

Height (cm): 182
Weight (kg): 86
Residence: Beechworth, Victoria (Australia)


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Why do you ride: Because of the enjoyment and challenges I get out of it.
What/who started you racing: Darcy Wilkinson got me into racing when I was 12.

Weakness: Blonde girls
Most important people in your life and career: Family, friends, people that support me and the people that don’t believe in me.
Racing since: 2007

Professional since: 2016
Best part of racing: The people you get to meet and the places you go.
Hardest part: Being away from home and the physical and mental challenges you face
Worst moment in career: First 4 World Cup races of 2014.
Best moment in career: Getting my first elite men’s World Cup podium in Lenzerheide, Switzerland.
General career goals: Keep having as much fun as when I started and make enough money to make it my job.
Favourite food: Pancakes, burritos
Favourite reading: Mountain bike mags.
Favourite music: Hilltop Hoods.
Best idea of having good time: Hanging out with all my buddies, doesn’t really matter what we’re doing.
Favourite place to travel to: Canada and New Zealand
Most respected mountain bike riders: Sam Hill, Greg Minnaar, Steve Peat
Other most respected athletes: Muhammad Ali, Travis Pastrana, Arnold Schwarzenegger

Favourite riding spots and courses: Whistler, Rotorua, Mt Beauty

Advice to beginners: Always make sure you’re racing for the right reasons and have fun with it.
Other sports: motocross
Other interests: motocross, wakeboarding, girls, partying
If I was not a professional mountain biker…..I'd probably still be working for my old man doing welding and engineering.

Objectives for 2018:
Get more than 1 World Cup podium in a season
Be more consistent all season
Finish Top 10 in the World Cup Overalll
Keep having more fun on my bike

Career Highlights

Year 2017 Highlights:

2nd place - World Cup, Mont-Sainte-Anne, Canada
12th place - World Championships, Cairns, Australia
14th place - World Cup, Leogang, Austria


Year 2016 Highlights:

14th place, World Cup, Lenzerheide, Switzerland

21st place, World Cup, Mont-Sainte-Anne, Canada


Year 2015 Highlights:
3rd Place - World Cup, Lenzerheide
5th Place - Qualifying, World Cup, Lourdes
12th Place - World Cup Overall   


Year 2014 Highlights:
2nd Place - Australian National Round
18th Place - World Cup, Windham

Year 2013 Highlights:
National Junior Champion
1st Place - Junior World Cup, Val di Sole
2nd Place- Junior World Cup, Mont-Sainte-Anne
3rd Place - Junior World Cup, Fort William
5th Place - Junior World Championships

Race Results

Year 2018

  • Thredbo Cannonball Downhill - 10th
  • World Championships Downhill - 11th
  • World Cup Downhill Overall - 19th
  • World Cup DH #7 - La Bresse (FRA) - 47th
  • World Cup DH #6 - Mont-Sainte-Anne - 10th
  • World Cup DH #5 - Vallnord (AND) - 27th
  • World Cup DH #4 - Val Di Sole (ITA) - 21st
  • World Cup DH #3 - Leogang (AUT) - 26th
  • World Cup DH #1 - Losinj (CRO) - 3rd
  • Crankworx Downhill - Rotorua (NZL) - 4th
  • Crankworx Air Downhill - Rotorua (NZL) - 8th
  • Australian National DH Championships - 5th

Year 2017

  • Victorian DH Series #2 - 1st
  • World Championships Downhill - 12th
  • World Cup Downhill Overall - 16th
  • World Cup DH #7 - Val Di Sole (ITA) - 53rd
  • World Cup DH #6 - Mont-Sainte-Anne - 2nd
  • World Cup DH #5 - Lenzerheide (SUI) - 28th
  • World Cup DH #4 - Vallnord (AND) - 29th
  • Crankworx DH - Innsbruck - 11th
  • Crankworx DH - Les Gets (FRA) - 15th
  • World Cup DH #3 - Leogang (AUT) - 14th
  • World Cup DH #2 - Fort William (SCO) - 50th
  • Australian National DH Championships - 4th
  • Crankworx Downhill - Rotorua (NZL) - 13th
  • Australian National DH Series #3 - 3rd

Year 2016

  • World Cup DH #5 - Lenzerheide (SUI) - 14th
  • World Championships Downhill - 98th
  • World Cup Downhill Overall - 48th
  • World Cup DH #7 - Vallnord (AND) - 43rd
  • World Cup DH #6 - Mont-Sainte-Anne - 21st
  • World Cup DH #2 - Cairns (AUS) - 41st
  • World Cup DH #1 - Lourdes (FRA) - 80th